NIALL’S BLOG 10th July

July 11, 2017
by Club Inc.

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Every time I go to Northern Ireland I love to see more of the country and just wonder at the beautiful scenery and last week was no different. Thanks to an invite from Sport Changes Life, our charity for The Club Leadership Summit, I was able to see the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open at Portstewart. The day began by watching the Lions match at 8.30 in the morning (along with about 4,000 people in the tented village) and ended by watching a star of the future win the tournament. I had a fantastic time and have no doubt that the Irish Open will become one of the very biggest events in the world thanks to Rory McIlory – despite him missing the cut.

Dubai Duty Free Irish Open

As you will remember we helped Aspen People to find a CEO for Carnoustie Golf Links and are delighted that Michael Wells came out as the successful candidate against a very strong field. Donogh O’Brien one of the founders of Aspen has asked Club Inc. to do more searches with him as we worked well together. He feels that together we can give a great service to both the client and the candidates. Last week Donogh wrote a great piece about the Carnoustie search. You can read about the ins and outs of recruitment in the field of elite sport here:

Finding a needle in a bunker

Northstar Club Software Management

Since my last blog our youngest son Joe has graduated from Arts University Bournemouth. The whole family went to the ceremony,which was all very new to us as no one from our family has ever graduated before. I love this picture of Joe just after his graduation. Joe is always hungry and as the bank of mum and dad were in town he took full advantage to grab some chips!! But rest assured we celebrated with more than just fish and chips later in the evening!!

Finally, football; I was very interested to see that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is interested in buying the mighty Spurs. He obviously has good taste as well as a lot of money!! Let’s hope we can buy a couple more decent players so we can challenge for the title for a third year!!

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